Old Captain's sub-label Faust

Faust is a dungeon synth sub-label of Old Captain launched in May 2018 specialized in resurrecting obscure pearls of 1990's.
"A cold wind blows the last of the dried leaves from the branches above. The fading light of the setting sun reveals a fissure in the sheer rock wall ahead. Entering the cavern, the dancing light of your torch reveals a staircase hewn from stone, descending into darkness. As you begin your descent, you hear faint melodies echoing from some unseen chamber. Unwilling to turn back, you continue into the depths, the darkness surrounding you. You walk along a seemingly endless corridor, searching for the source of the music. You couldn’t find your way out now, even if you wanted to. The dungeon has claimed you as its own. Dungeon Synth is the perfect soundtrack for this kind of escapist fantasy."