OUT NOW! Control ‎– The Abattoir CD / Old Captain & Eibon Records

"The Abattoir" is Control's stunning rarity that covers 2003 - 2006 period and features the following must-have and sought-after EPs: 'Affliction', 'The Pleasures of Rape', and 'No Surrender', alongside v/a tracks from 'Break your Face' and 'Alliance - United in Death' compilations. Recorded and mastered at Misanthrope Studio more than 15 years ago the selected monoliths bring back intense memories of the project's history and solidify its unique place in the US power electronics scene. Co-produced with Eibon Records and Mauro Berchi's exclusive artwork, it is released in a 4-panel matte-laminated Digipak with an A3 Poster limited to 300 copies.

Bandcamp: https://oldcaptain.bandcamp.com/album/control-the-abattoir