First Human Ferro



FHF (First Human Ferro), a Ukrainian dark ambient project organized by Olegh Kolyada back in summer 1998, with first field recordings being (experienced yet in winter 1997. The debut raw experiments date back June-August 1998 when “The Halo over Pontiff’s Hearse” was recorded. A year later in 1999 FHF started musical manipulations with harsher sounds which resulted into “Metaballistik: Viewed under Infra-Red” session, known as Ukrainian exceptional death industrial material ever. Both above-mentioned albums were released on tapes and cd-rs several times in limited editions in Ukraine and Poland. In 2000 a classical dark ambient album “Motherwards” was recorded, issued a year later as the first professional cd release of the project. 2001 was marked by a progression of the project’s musical swings with its ultimate death industrial output “Ferrari” and “Numinosum” issued in a while by Polish and Ukrainian labels respectively. The same year Olegh Kolyada launched his apocalyptic ritual side-project In Meditarivm recording two albums within several years: “Les Fleurs du Mal” 2000-2001 and “Uterus” 2002 released in a limited cd-r format. A re-mixed collection of FHF’s first ambient sketches was released the same 2002 year by a Ukrainian label under the title “Greater than Temple” cd-r.


After a hiatus FHF returned in 2003 with its best known material “Guernica Macrocosmica” cd on Eibon Records, the album which is still considered as a milestone of nostalghic ambient music. That very year the FHF project was split into two identities: nostalghia (nostalghic shoegaze music) and realia (all dark ambient experiments). In 2005 two exclusive tracks for German Drone Records 7” series were recorded on behalf of In Meditarium project, issued a year later as “Mare Internum” vinyl recording. In late 2005 a Ukrainian OMS Records, based in Olegh’s native city Zhytomyr, released next FHF’s dark ambient material “Corona Astralis” cd. Joining forces with an Italian finest Eibon Records again in 2006 a brand-new harsh ambient album “Adamnation” cd was issued a year later. Finally in late 2007 Olegh Kolyada initiated and compiled an exclusive international collection of the best dark ambient tracks “Energia” by the finest musicians to commemorate a centenary of world’s greatest space engineer S.P.Korolyov (1907-1966), born in Zhytomyr city too. In late 2008 the project was invited to take part in another great compilation “Sacral Symphony” issued by a Belgian EE Tapes.


2009 was devoted to collecting Olegh Kolyada’s music never released, now being strictly-oriented: Ostarbeiter as a moniker for early death industrial & power electronics experiments, FHF as an electro-acoustic, radio-noise & dark ambient project, and In Meditarivm as an apocalyptic ritual one. The collection in question is entitled “Panoptikvm” and will be released as a series of several cds/lps. Panoptikvm series includes: In Meditarivm “The Great Limbo” and "Broken Urn", OSTARBEITER “The Iron Era”, and FHF “Homo Shargey” records.  16/05/2009 FHF first ever live, onstage together w/Deutsch Nepal, Noises of Russia, and Filivs Macrocosmi. A digital document about the event was released in February 2010 as v/a “Secret Assembly” DVD by Zhytomyr-based OMS Records. In March a Polish label Wrotycz Records released In Meditarivm "The Great Limbo" CD. FHF also contributed into Claustrum's track "Melanhola" released on a compilation "Sturmer IV" in 2010 by a Latvian Sturm label.


At the very dawn of 2011 a Polish New Nihilism label took care of another part of the Panoptikvm series "Homo Shargey" CD. At the beginning of the year FHF project got an offer from a Russian label Nitkie to release two albums: "Stardust" CD, featured by Claustrum, Louisa John-Krol, and Oda Relicta, released exclusively on April, the 12th as a tribute to the cosmic date, and "Prosa Profana" CD, Olegh Kolyada's collaboration with an Italian band Albireon, released in September 2011. 04/06/2011 FHF's 2nd live set, onstage together w/Troum, Cisfinitum, and a few other projects in Kyiv. Originally planned to be released via French rip-offs Slaughter in Art in 2010, the memorial recording Ostarbeiter "The Iron Era" 2CD was co-released by Steinklang Industries with Old Captain on May, the 3rd, 2012. The most ambitious FHF's record, a collaborative work with Cisfinitum "Alchemicals" CD, was released by Old Captain on the 29th of December, 2012.