Guernica Macrocosmica

First Human Ferro
Eibon Records
CD, Album, Limited Edition
Abstract, Industrial, Ambient


1 Your Eyes That Once Were Never Weary Of Mine (Composed By [Original] – Андрей Эшпай, Vocals [Original] – Владимир Трошин, Arranged By [Re-arranged] – Olegh Kolyada) 1:16
2 Combat Roses Introitus - Combat Roses (Arranged By – Olegh Kolyada, Voice [Combat Roses Introitus] – Olegh Kolyada) 10:00
3 Hollow Shells And Light (Composed By [Original] – Алексей Рыбников, Music By [Original] – Accord, Vocals [Original] – Accord, Arranged By [Re-arranged] – Olegh Kolyada, Lyrics By – Guillaume Apollinaire, Instrumentation [Original] By – Accord) 5:26
4 Adentro (Composed By [Original] – Николай Добронравов, Soloist – Виталий Николаев, Arranged By [Re-arranged] – Olegh Kolyada, Lyrics By – Александра Пахмутова) 3:26
5 Prophetic Decay Of Angel (Arranged By – Olegh Kolyada) 6:55
6 Unio Mystica (Composed By [Original] – Давид Тухманов, Vocals [Original] – Jaak Joala, Voice – Olegh Kolyada, Arranged By [Re-arranged] – Olegh Kolyada, Lyrics By – Игорь Шаферан) 6:11
7 Never To Have Lived Is Best (Arranged By – Olegh Kolyada) 3:14
8 To The World Without End Where There Is Nothing (Vocals [Original] – Эдита Пьеха, Arranged By [Re-arranged] – Olegh Kolyada) 2:19
9 Guernica Macrocosmica (Arranged By – Olegh Kolyada) 11:41


  • Artwork By [Graphics, Design], Mastered By – Mauro*
  • Composed By, Lyrics By, Voice – Oleg Kolyada*
  • Engineer [Sound] – Sergey Svistelnik
  • Mastered By – Alberto*

Recorded in Zhitomir, Ukraine, September 02 - March 03.
'In the recording of this album were used 1920 - 1970's retrosamples of popular songs by Soviet and East European musicians, including among others Vadim Kosin, Maya Kristalinskaya and Edita Piecha'
"Your Eyes That Once Were Never Weary Of Mine" is a remix of the 1957 song "Why, O Why?" featured in an ex-Soviet motion picture "A Ballad About The First Love". Composed by A. Eszpaj, lyrics by V. Kotov.
"Hollow Shells And Light" is a remix of the 1974 song "Mirabeau Bridge" by an ex-Soviet group Accord.
Composed by Aleksey Ribnikov upon lyrics by Guillaume Apollinaire, taken from "Alcools" (1913); translated into Russian by Mikhail Kudinov.
"Adentro" is a remix of the 1977 song "Białowieża Forest (Belovezhskaya Pushcha)" performed by The Great Children's Choir of the Central Television (former USSR), conductor V. Popov.
"Unio Mystica" is a remix of the 1984 song "The Love itself" composed by David Tukhmanov upon lyrics by Igor Shaferan. Digisleeve, limited to 700.