Homo Shargey

First Human Ferro
New Nihilism, Requiem Records, Triangle
NN VII, RP 33/2011, TR 046
CD, Album, Limited Edition, Digipak
Dark Ambient, Drone, Experimental


1 Alone Under Stars 2:55
2 Moon Route 9:04
3 Steps & Leaps 4:18
4 Trassa Paradoksa 5:43
5 Trajectories 3:07
6 Dove In The Tunnel 7:28
7 Heavens' Resident 3:35
8 The Open Book 4:02
9 Space Cradle 3:52
10 Astra Incognita 6:42
11 Dark Matter 4:21
12 Memory Crater 3:51
13 Rendezvous Forgotten 2:19
14 Mare Internum 5:51
15 The Visionary 6:40


Composed By – Olegh Kolyada (tracks: 1-15) Design – Marcin Lojek Mastered By – Vestigial Remastered By – Olegh Kolyada

Press-release: Alexander Shargey (Yuriy Kondratyuk) is a representative of passionate enthusiastic inventors who put their lives at stake to accomplish the mission for the future good of the whole mankind. Shargey belongs to a cohort of scientists who were the first to foresee the space conquering. They were great yet mocked-at dreamers and had to fight against all odds twice as hard. Shargey is a "recognized" space theoretic of unique unconventional genius. The name of a self-made engineer since decades has become well up to par with famous scientists like Tsiolkovskiy, Tsander, Korolyov. Ukrainian First Human Ferro project led by Olegh Kolyada pays a long overdue tribute to its compatriot composing a well-crafted vintage dark ambient album with both poignant and mesmerizing layers of sidereal voyage. "Homo Shargey" was pre-mastered by Italian ambient magician Vestigial. The release comes in an A5 silver varnished digipack designed by Marcin Lojek for New Nihilism series.

Line-up: Olegh Kolyada - soundscapes, processed sounds, synth layers, noises and sound construction, mastering (1-15)

Production: Panoptikvm Series. Composed & recorded in 1999-2009 by Olegh Kolyada Pre-mastered by Olegh Kolyada and Giuseppe Ferrillo/Vestigial Mastering by Olegh Kolyada at Oda Relicta HQ in 2009 Old Captain logo design by Victor Stabbe FHF logo and sleeve design/artwork/layout by Marcin Lojek for Ibsen Design