In Meditarivm



OUT NOW! In Meditarivm – Plexus / Uterus 2CD / Old Captain & Mertvi Bdzholy

A collaborative release between two Ukrainian labels, Mertvi Bdzholy and Old Captain: compilation of the two official early dark ambient, apocalyptic ritual albums "Les Fleurs Du Mal" and "Uterus" composed and recorded by Olegh Kolyada and Sergey Svistelnik in 2000 - 2001 with three exclusive tracks from the same period. A luxurious 8-panel Digipak edition limited to 500, with first 25 copies accompanied with an A3 Poster. Layout & design by Mauro Berchi (Eibon Records). In memory of the project member, Sergey Svistelnik († 2nd January, 2018).


In Meditarivm(2015)

The Broken Urn

In Meditarivm(2013)

Drift In Sodom

In Meditarivm(2013)

The Great Limbo II

In Meditarivm(2010)

The Great Limbo