Old Captain is a post industrial label from Zhytomyr, Ukraine established by Olegh Kolyada in May 2012.
Faust is a dungeon synth sub-label of Old Captain started in May 2018.
Old Captain Press is a publishing house of Old Captain initiated in May 2019.

Contact: o.v.kolyada(at)gmail(dot)com


  • 2021 OCCD54 First Human Ferro & Cisfinitum ‎– Alchemicals CD + 2 Posters
  • 2021 OCCD53 Vladimír Hirsch – Katagenesis CD
    (co-produced with Zoharum)
  • 2021 OCCD52 Advokat Ihrer Hoheit – Rückschau 2CD
  • 2021 OCCD10RE Streicher – Annihilism CD + 2 Posters REPRESS
  • 2019 OCCD51 Navicon Torture Technologies – Insanity 2CD
  • 2019 OCCD50 In Meditarivm – Plexus / Uterus 2CD
    (co-released with Mertvi Bdzholy)
  • 2019 OCCD49 Control – The Abattoir CD + Poster
    (co-released with Eibon Records)
  • 2019 OCCD48 Skrol – Eschaton CD
  • 2019 OCCD20RE Inanna – Oeuvres Completes Tome I-XVI 2CD REPRESS
  • 2019 OCCD47 Striations – Vietnamization 2CD (co-released with Eibon Records) SOLD OUT
  • 2019 OCCD46 Tape Dekay – Decadimento Del Nastro - Decadenza Di Tutto CD (co-released with Narcolepsia) SOLD OUT
  • 2019 OCCD45 IRM – Virgin Mind 2CD
  • 2019 OCCD44 Slogun – Nothing. Ever. CD (co-released with Eibon Records)
  • 2018 OCCD43 Bryan Lewis Saunders ‎– Near Death Experience CD + Book
  • 2018 OCCD42 Shinkiro – Archive: Volumes I - III 2CD
  • 2018 OCCD41 Gerstein – Kiawaltz CD
  • 2018 OCCD40 German Army – Wakhan Corridor CD
  • 2018 OCCD39 Coph Nia – The Tree Of Life And Death 3CD
  • 2018 OCCD38 No Festival Of Light – Divide Et Impera 2CD (co-released with Eibon Records, NOF105) SOLD OUT
  • 2018 OCCD37 Merzbow – Exoking CD SOLD OUT
  • 2018 OCCD36 Koufar – Phoenicianism CD
  • 2017 OCCD35 Caroline K ‎– Now Wait For Last Year CD SOLD OUT
  • 2017 OCCD34 Chöd ‎– Bardo Thodol 2CD
  • 2017 OCCD33 Vladimir Hirsch – Scripta Soli CD
  • 2017 OCCD32 Vidna Obmana – The Face That Must Die CD SOLD OUT
  • 2017 OCCD31 Lasse Marhaug – White Inferno CD (co-released with Narcolepsia, narco076)
  • 2017 OCCD30 Ebola Disco – Discography 1997-2017 CD
  • 2017 OCCD29 Svartsinn – Collected Obscurities CD (co-released with Cyclic Law, 93rd Cycle) DELETED
  • 2017 OCCD28 Abattoir & Satori – Aether CD (co-released with Malignant Records, TumorCD94) SOLD OUT
  • 2016 OCCD27 Merzbow – Hanakisasage CD SOLD OUT
  • 2016 OCCD26 Kristian Olsson ‎– Att Vara Där Jag Var Innan Jag Var Jag CD SOLD OUT
  • 2016 OCCD25 Smell & Quim – Jesus Christ / The Jissom Killers 2CD SOLD OUT
  • 2016 OCCD24 Claustrum – Funeral Fugues & Reminiscence † 1992-1997 CD
  • 2016 OCCD23 Vhril – Vortex Psysynthesis CD
  • 2016 OCCD22 Blood Ov Thee Christ ‎– Filthy Criminals CD SOLD OUT
  • 2016 OCCD21 Pogrom – Father:Land CD (co-released with Terror, TR-36) SOLD OUT
  • 2016 OCCD20 Inanna – Oeuvres Completes Tome I-XVI 2CD SOLD OUT
  • 2015 OCCD19 Autopsia – Metal CD SOLD OUT
  • 2015 OCCD18 Claustrum – Legion Of Silence CD
  • 2016 OCCD17 First Human Ferro – Heterodox CD (co-released with Gradual Hate Records, GH 128) SOLD OUT
  • 2019 OCCD16RE Slogun – Tearing Up Your Plans CD
  • 2015 OCCD16 Slogun – Tearing Up Your Plans CD SOLD OUT
  • 2015 OCCD15 Die Weisse Rose – White Roses in Bloom In Kyiv CD SOLD OUT
  • 2015 OCCD14 Remete (a.k.a. Our God Weeps) – Odabenn CD (co-released with Twilight Records) DELETED
  • 2015 OCCD13 Alfarmania – At Ulleråker CD SOLD OUT
  • 2015 OCCD12 Alfarmania – From Fix to Fix CD SOLD OUT
  • 2015 OCCD11/OCDVD01 Diutesc – Evilution Resurrected / Draconigena CD/DVD
  • 2019 OCCD10RE Streicher – Annihilism CD DELETED
  • 2015 OCCD10 Streicher – Annihilism CD SOLD OUT
  • 2013 OCCD09 Cisfinitum – Industriewerke 2002-2012 CD DELETED
  • 2013 OCCD08 In Meditarivm – Drift in Sodom CD
  • 2014 OCCD07 Cisfinitum – O vs 0 CD SOLD OUT
  • 2012 OCCD06 Cisfinitum & First Human Ferro – Alchemicals CD DELETED
  • 2012 OCCD05 Cisfinitum – Landschaft CD SOLD OUT
  • 2013 OCCD03 Vestigial – Solar/Aeon CD (co-released with Cyclic Law, 54th Cycle) DELETED
  • 2012 OCS Oda Relicta – UIA CD SOLD OUT
  • 2012 OCS Oda Relicta – UIA CD Boxset DELETED
  • 2012 OCCD02 Strops – Slepenie Rotaļlaukumi CD SOLD OUT
  • 2012 OCCD01 Ostarbeiter – The Iron Era 2CD (co-released with Steinklang Industries, SK 58) DELETED
  • 2018 FCD03 Jääportit ‎– Kauan Koskematon / Halki Lumisen Metsän CD
  • 2018 FCD02 Proscriptor ‎– The Venus Bellona CD
  • 2018 FCD01 Equitant – The Circle Of Agurak CD
  • 2019 Contemporary #2: English Drama: Martin Bladh Book
  • 2019 Contemporary #1: American Poetry: Bryan Lewis Saunders ‎Book

Contemporary #2: English Drama: Martin Bladh Book

Swedish-born Martin Bladh is a contemporary multimedia artist who has resided for a decade in London, England and established himself as a unique proponent of the New Theatre of Cruelty adhering to the original Antonin Artaud’s disrepute legacy. Hybridizing genres of drama, poetry and fiction Bladh gravitates toward performance art, actionism in particular, with its main focus on stage performativity based on Wiener Aktionismus (Viennese Action Art movement) of the 1960s to purposely shock through self-torture actions. Solidly accompanied with music and photography Bladh’s theatrical arsenal transcends the subject-matter traditionally tabooed by the mainstream, including the objectives of death, necrophilia, sadomasochism, pornography, narcissism, lustmord and monomania. The 2nd issue of the “Contemporary” series traces Bladh’s artistic genesis analysing his works throughout a 2004 – 2019 period to revisit the concepts of cruelty and violence as segments of the current underground art, a built-in element of the counter-culture superstructure. All the presented literary analyses are exclusively supported by the authorial photographs and collages, both disturbing and fascinating, therefore 21+ readers’ discretion is advised: nudity and acts of torture are graphically reproduced without condescension or censorship as homage to the artist’s intentions. The edition also includes the recent interview with Bladh as well as a substantial cross-cultural entry on his genre fundamentals: the Theatre of Cruelty retrospective and three influential artists, Antonin Artaud, Francis Bacon, and Hermann Nitsch, the artist finds relevant to his method. 2019 Contemporary #2: English Drama: Martin Bladh. Book. A5 format, 416 pages, an interview and analysis, 200+ pictures; full colour, digital press. A hardbound cover with a tassel. R 21+

Control ‎– The Abattoir CD (OCCD49 / CON109)

“The Abattoir” is Control’s stunning rarity that covers 2003 - 2006 period and features the following must-have and sought-after EPs: ‘Affliction’, ‘The Pleasures of Rape’, and ‘No Surrender’, alongside v/a tracks from ‘Break your Face’ and ‘Alliance - United in Death’ compilations. Recorded and mastered at Misanthrope Studio more than 15 years ago the selected monoliths bring back intense memories of the project’s history and solidify its unique place in the US power electronics scene. Co-produced with Eibon Records and Mauro Berchi’s exclusive artwork, it is released in a 4-panel matte-laminated Digipak with an A3 Poster limited to 300 copies.

Skrol – Eschaton CD (OCCD48)

A musical application of a geometric symbolism of certain mechanisms of the psyche. Aptly conceptualized as fractal musical geometry. Signals of interval logic, rhythm, construction and instrumentation, and sound are used for this purpose. A simply structured but emotionally tense atmosphere is created in which instrumentation plays the role of inner structure, industrialized sound that of the chaotic and the vocals a passionate element, significantly potentiated by fiery existential lyrics. Limited to 300 copies in a full-colour gloss-laminated Digipak.

Inanna – Oeuvres Completes Tome I-XVI Repress 2CD (OCCD20RE)

A ritual death ambient masterpiece, a non-mastered analogue recording dated 1992 (Sound Source cassette release). Mikael Stavöstrand’s grand project with all-time classic. A White 2CD Digipak + A3 Poster. Ltd. to 100.

Navicon Torture Technologies ‎– Insanity 2CD (OCCD51)

Ukrainian industrial label OLD CAPTAIN presents INSANITY, a double CD reissue of the classic cassette by NAVICON TORTURE TECHNOLOGIES, originally released by LSD ORGANISATION in 2000 AD. Disc One contains the original cassette material, with a previously unreleased bonus title track, retooled for this edition. Disc Two features never before released material covering the project’s formative years. From these meagre beginnings, NTT would go on to work with labels such as MALIGNANT RECORDS, EIBON, and ANT-ZEN, along with many others (who have not stood the test of time), until its dissolution and final releases in 2009. INSANITY serves as a revealing historical document of a notable American power electronics project between the years 1997-2001.The release is remastered by John Stilling (Steel Hook Prostheses studio) and comes in a 6-panel matte-laminated Digipak limited to 300.

In Meditarivm – Plexus / Uterus 2CD (MBCD002, OCCD50)

A collaborative release between two Ukrainian labels, Mertvi Bdzholy and Old Captain: compilation of the two official early dark ambient, apocalyptic ritual albums “Les Fleurs Du Mal” and “Uterus” composed and recorded by Olegh Kolyada and Sergey Svistelnik in 2000 - 2001 with three exclusive tracks from the same period. A luxurious 8-panel Digipak edition limited to 500, with first 25 copies accompanied with an A3 Poster. Layout & design by Mauro Berchi (Eibon Records). In memory of the project member, Sergey Svistelnik († 2nd January, 2018).

Streicher – Annihilism Repress CD (OCCD10RE)

Old Captain’s 2019 special 30th Anniversary re-issue edition of the classical album. 100 copies in two A3 posters ltd. to 50 each.

Striations ‎– Vietnamization 2CD (OCCD47 / STR108)

“Imagine obsession. Now imagine compacting years of that obsession into a well-crafted work of art. Striations has done just that with, what I would call his magnum opus, ‘Vietnamization’. This is the sound of war. Not just on for the soldiers on the battlefield; but the nations that feel its impact as well. With a battalion of highly praised collaborators, Mike Finklea has collaged Power Electronics and Harsh Noise to a seamless point. PE and HN have always been not-so-strange bedfellows with masterpieces such as Deathpile’s “G.R” or Taint’s “Justmeat,” but many, if not most, have a very stagnant backing accompanied with vocals. ‘Vietnamization’ manages to keep you interested with what sounds are coming next, a powerful vocal presentation and well-placed samples that are culled from various sources that are most certainly NOT Youtube. Originally released on cassette on the surging New Forces label, this expanded 2CD edition contains the original C60 as well as the companion CDr that was given to a select few close friends as well as additional art that was not included with the highly uniform NF cassette. The war has been over for nearly four and a half decades, but Striations has placed us right back in the jungle.” Jim Haras. A 6-panel matte-laminated Digipak limited to 300. A special edition comes with an A3 poster limited to 50. Co-produced with Eibon Records.

Tape Dekay ‎– Decadimento Del Nastro - Decadenza Di Tutto CD (OCCD46 / narco086)

“Decadimento Del Nastro - Decadenza Di Tutto” is the first album by Tape Dekay, BJ Nilsen’s (Hazard, Morthound) analogue musique concrete / noise project whose first and only appearances date decades back: 1999 on the Cold Meat Industry sampler ‘Estheticks Of Cruelty’ with ‘Försökspersonerna’ track and ‘Jonestown Revisited’ track from a 2009 cassette compilation ‘White Nights’ released by Private Edition. The conceptual content of the current CD has been created with the Automatic Music Control System developed by ONKYO and the Elettrocardiograf by Officine Galileo informed by psychotronic distress, thought insertion, electronic harassment and the Frey effect. These 7 recordings reveal harsh and fragmented soundscapes tainted by disembodied voices, squelch and hyper charged feedback. Co-released with Narcolepsia and limited to 300 copies in an uncoated Digipak.

IRM ‎– Virgin Mind 2CD (OCCD45)

Recorded as far back as 2001-2002, and first released on Cold Meat Industry in 2005, IRM’s highly acclaimed third album ‘Virgin Mind’ is finally re-released. The album marked a radical change in the band’s direction, leaving the power electronics opera of ‘Oedipus Dethroned’ for an even more ritualistic, experimental and epic sound. ‘Virgin Mind’ was recorded in an analog 24 channel recording studio and included a variety of vintage synthesizers and acoustic instruments such as trombones, organs, pianos, violins, and percussions. This was the soundtrack for IRM’s now infamous, bloody performance actions (heavily inspired by the spectacles of Hermann Nitsch and the Vienna Actionists), which often led to open fistfights between the band and the venue managers. ‘Virgin Mind’ is a bleak and disturbing work which resonates even stronger in today’s watered down industrial music scene. The double CD set includes brand new artwork from founding member Martin Bladh. A 4-panel full-colour glossy Digipak. Limited to 300. A special edition comes with an A3 double-sided poster with lyrics. Limited to 50.

Slogun ‎– Nothing. Ever. CD (OCCD44 / SLO107)

“Nothing you do will ever matter. Nothing. Ever.” The first full-length release by American True Crime Electronics project Slogun, aka John Balistreri, since “I Will Bury You” in 2013, features eleven new tracks, the last of which is the 12-minute piece “Just For One Day” from his side-project “Self”. Continuing his journey inward, “Nothing. Ever.” delves deeper into self-hate, disgust and the absolute exhaustion of escaping the foundation of which his life was built on: failure and all of its expectations and realizations. Tracks 1 through 10 offer up Slogun at its truest, spewing truth about self-actualization, manipulation, denial and justification, while track 11 has “Self” finishing everything off with pure defeat. The end of it all. Featuring Slogun’s own art and handwriting, “Nothing. Ever.” quite possibly closes out a 23-year journey through the depths of one-man’s disgust at himself, at the notion of “civility”, at victimization and of the human animal. Brooklyn, NY. Somerset, NJ. 1996-2019. F.T.W. A regular CD edition in a 6-panel gloss-laminated Digipak in edition of 300 copies. The special edition comes with an A3 poster limited to 50. Co-released with Eibon Records.

Slogun ‎– Tearing Up Your Plans CD (OCCD16RE)

2019 repress in a glossy black and white Digipak with the original artwork specially revisited by Mauro Berchi (Eibon Records) for this reissue. Limited to 50.
A special re-edition comes with white glossy Digipak and an A3 Poster. Limited to 50.
A limited T-Shirt print is also available.

Bryan Lewis Saunders ‎– Near Death Experience CD + Book (OCCD43)

“The bastard son of William S. Burroughs, Antonin Artaud and Crispin Glover. Hilarious, awful, heartbreaking and brutally honest, his Stand Up Tragedy is some of the best shit I’ve heard in a decade” - Lydia Lunch. Bryan Lewis Saunders is a multi-media artist, poet, videographer, and performance artist from Tennessee mostly known for his disturbing monologues and somniloquies, a master of an outlandish universe of his spoken word. In 2006 he started his own label, Stand-Up Tragedy Records, and since 2007 has been performing in Contemporary Art Museums, Media Arts Schools, and at music festivals mainly in Western Europe. “Near Death Experience” is a 2010 recording, originally produced by Erratum as an LP release, that takes his twisted world and jams it into a 74-minute mindfuck. He channels his disturbance into his creativity, using visual art and musical performance as alternative ways to deal with recurring demons and mental health issues, conveying a message about the power of addiction. “For hundreds of years, artists have been putting themselves into representations of the world around them. I am doing the exact opposite. I put the world around me into representations of myself as I find this more true…” - B.L. Saunders. “Near Death Experience” is an extreme sound poetry collaboration with music from Joachim Montessuis, Marcelo Aguirre, Christopher Fleeger, Michael Peck, John Duncan, Spastic Dementia, Kaontrol Kontraos, Murmurists, and Tracy Lee Summers, from harsh noise to heavy drone, an impressive and immersive piece of contemporary art. Limited edition of 300 copies printed in a lavish, full-color glossy 4-panel digipak with a 20-page booklet with all the lyrics. First 50 copies come with an exclusive A3 folded poster.

Jääportit ‎– Kauan Koskematon / Halki Lumisen Metsän CD (FCD03)

Two cult recordings from 1998 / 99 of pure Nordic beauty for the first time on CD! Icy frostbitten portals of the early years are now once again open! Jääportit is a Finnish dark ambient / neoclassical project centered around Tuomas M. Mäkelä and has been active since 1997. ‘Halki lumisen metsän’ material is minimalist alike Mortiis, ranging from deep, cloud-like drones to almost oppressive militaristic percussion and harmonies, while ‘Kauan Koskematon’ is majestic yet mournful, a forever milestone in dungeon synth winter epic tradition of the 1990s’. Calm and tranquil yet bewitching and mesmerizing winter ambient. A 6-panel gloss-laminated Digipak with original images including the front cover by Aslak Tolonen (Nest) limited to 300 copies. First 50 copies come with an exclusive front cover A3 folded poster.

Proscriptor ‎– The Venus Bellona CD (FCD02)

The occultic and atmospheric solo project of Proscriptor McGovern (of ABSU fame) smears an avant-garde style of Pagan music with ‘The Venus Bellona’ – an invigorating and magic(k)al listen to reveal ‘the inner domains of immortality’. Awareness factor: the planet Venus is the sphere closest to the Earth and its longitude is based upon the actual epoch of time. With Venus’ perihelion passage, it is known for a fabulous role as an adulate goddess in Greek mythology. Venus also represents the alchemic(k)al metal of copper, (the fourth “Dalkhu” of fire) whereas “Bellona”, on the other hand, is the Latin term for “war goddess” to complete the bewilderment of the album title. Proscriptor comes to you with ‘The Venus Bellona’ – a collection of deathless fables gathered from a wide variety sources: from his ancestral attributions of Scottish heritage to superstitions and the Dominion folklore of Thoth. Handed down to his shadow from generation to generation, and once told in musky crofters’ cottages and draughty castles, these spellbinding tales of ‘The Venus Bellona’ will thrill and possess followers of all durations. Lightlessness of sound, which is sometimes motionless, is essential in occultic and atmospheric music. Recorded by Proscriptor McGovern in Texas (Autumn Equinox: 1995). First released by Cold Meat Industry’s subsidiary label Cruel Moon International (1995). Re-mastered by Equitant in Texas (Summer Solstice: 2018). Reproduced by Old Captain’s subsidiary label Faust (2018). Limited edition of 300 copies printed in a lavish, full-color glossy 4-panel digipak with an 12-page booklet. First 50 copies come with an exclusive front cover A3 folded poster, as the special edition version comes with a limited t-shirt press.

Equitant – The Circle Of Agurak CD (FCD01)

The first release on Faust, a dungeon synth sub-label of Old Captain. The first US dungeon synth recording back from 1993 by a great artist, Equitant, formerly a member of Absu. The album in fact features his former bandmates Proscriptor (flute) and Shaftiel (voice). A 10 track solo debut of a genuine occvlt tradition. Original demo tracks + unreleased tracks from 1993. Rarity. A limited CD edition in a 6-panel gloss-laminated Digipak. 300 copies. The special edition comes with two (black / white) T-Shirts and an exclusive front cover A3 folded poster.

Shinkiro – Archive: Volumes I - III 2CD (OCCD42)

Shinkiro is a dark ambient project from Japan, formed in 2003 by Manabu Hiramoto who dwells in organic isolation full of pulsating drones and elegiac solaris ambiances. Based on the old recording sessions in 2003 - 2007 this release captures the darkest and most beautiful moments of Shinkiro’s music: low-key synth textures merged with rhythmic cadences and slight distortions gradually unfolding roaming melodies, magnetic and cold undercurrents, ethereal epiphanies and ever present longing for the unattainable abyss. Three early unreleased albums assembled for the first time together manifest thrilling, oneiric and existentialist nature of Shinkiro’s nature exposed in its dark and cinematic mosaic: Japanese voice samples blended with strained piano parts, machinery industrial noises, ominous drones, ritual percussion, hypnotic hardware pads leading to the event horizon. Dissolve in the myriad of mysterious emanations towards colossal eschatological pleroma. Recommended for those who follow Lustmord, Apoptose. Amazing music is accompanied with an exquisite layout executed by Mauro Berchi (Eibon Records) and produced as a 2CD edition in a 4-panel gloss-laminated Digipak limited to 250.

Gerstein – Kiawaltz CD (OCCD41)

“Kiawaltz” is commissioned and compiled by Old Captain to commemorate the early musical rituals composed by Maurizio Pustianaz, a famous Italian experimental artist known since 1984, and his project Gerstein, whose first recordings featured on this compilation represent solo melancholic piano ballads, experimental harsh sounds, synth-guitar powerful extravaganza within post-industrial style. These rare materials were obtained from the original 1986/89 tape releases issued 30 years ago by such labels as Misty Circles, Infektion Prod., Minus Habens Records, Broken Flag, Bekko Bunsen and Slaughter Productions. File alongside Psychic TV, Ain Soph. The layout is made by Mauro Berchi (Eibon Records) and the CD comes in a 4-panel gloss-laminated Digipak limited to 250.

German Army – Wakhan Corridor CD (OCCD40)

A nomadic journey beyond the horizon halted by towering chiseled peaks. On the roof of the world, where highest ranges meet, dwell individuals untouched by government, war or terror. An opium-induced buffer zone of the Wakhan Corridor, one of the most remote, high-altitude, bewitching landscapes on Earth opens frail-looking deep lines etched by time pristine and harsh, conserved by a famous environmentalist project, German Army, to document extinctions of this rare culture. Insightful tribal muzak buried in obscurity, anonymity, secularity and eternity. Limited to 300 copies in a full-colour gloss-laminated Digipak.

Coph Nia ‎– The Tree Of Life And Death 3CD (OCCD39)

Recorded almost two decades ago this obscure compendium by Aldenon Satorial for years remained a secret now regained to enlighten the pilgrims’ progress. ‘A Collection of Dead Drones and Aborted Soundscapes’ as a subtitle for the album, sums up a gateway to the darker realms reflecting the inherent duality of being. From mortal sins to immortality the symbolic circle made of branches and roots encapsulates us to provide ancient esoteric vitality Coph Nia is famous for. Discover your Verus Pastor at the base of the tree where ‘Everything Is True’. A 3CD set (25 tracks / 225 minutes) in a 6-panel matte-laminated Digipak in edition of 250 copies. The special edition comes with a T-Shirt.

No Festival Of Light – Divide Et Impera 2CD (OCCD38 / NOF105)

No Festival Of Light is the best kept secret in the annals of dark industrial Swedish tradition. For decades Fredrik Bergström’s guilty pleasure lingered at the backyard of the world to sporadically cast a shadow of minimalist ritualism and evaporate in enchanted air again. An unorthodox approach and such deceptively simple music itself stirs all the senses to trigger morbid addiction, affection and unconscious share in blasphemous conspiracy. The 2CD set manifests rhythmic and ambient mind-numbing versatility of the project ranging from the debut “Divide Et Impera” (1994) mixed by Jouni Havukainen / In Slaughter Natives, to cryptic “Tape 1” (1996) originally released by Slaughter Productions, to various arcane compilation tracks featured on labels like Abyss, Slaughter, Thaglasz, Art Concept, to rare unreleased two live sets in Belgium and the USA in 1998/99. “Within the pleasures of the flesh, rests the Salvation of the human spirit”. For the lovers of early Cold Meat Industry and Slaughter Productions era, projects like Morthound, Ordo Equilibrio or Kranivm. A 2CD edition in a 4-panel gloss-laminated Digipak in edition of 300 copies. Co-released with Eibon Records. The special edition comes with a T-Shirt.

Merzbow ‎– Exoking CD (OCCD37)

Merzbow ‘Exoking’ record is a rare allegedly lost tape from obscure 1990’s. Unknown Mix (40:58). Recording: Unknown (1990s). Sources: Unknown. Mixed and mastered from original 4ch Cassette Master Tape at Munemihouse, Tokyo on March 2018 by Masami Akita. Released as a 4-panel matte-laminated Digipak in edition of 300 copies.

Koufar ‎– Phoenicianism CD (OCCD36)

“Phoenicianism is an attempt to put on display the further identity crisis that many of the Lebanese face. Whether its over there, or here in America the confusion reigns supreme. Arab or Phoenician? Western or Eastern? Christian or Muslim? Identity often dictates politics, but with the Lebanese that is not consistent. Historically the only thing consistent is instability. An instability creating frictions that slowly grind against one another until the only eastern answer is reached, violence. Caught between Eastern values and Western luxuries.This album attempts to reflect all of this, while mixing in the artists own personal experiences of living a life of dualism. Misbaha beads or “Worry” beads? Christ or Shams? Allah or Mawt? Walk the edge of the boxcutters razor and make your offering.” Remastered and accompanied with an exclusive material the CD is released in a full-colour matte-laminated 6-panel Digipak in edition of 300 copies. The special edition comes with a T-Shirt.

Caroline K ‎– Now Wait For Last Year CD (OCCD35)

Old Captain re-releases a masterpiece of experimental electronic music commemorating 30 years since its first release in 1987! “She was unique. Had a bad time in her childhood, her later years were never comfortable. But somehow she got an intensity, feeling of direction. Anything she didn’t know, she just learnt it. Awful history in the countryside, then in London, carrying the banner against injustices. I was in the studio many times with her, the single mindedness. Brilliant technician. Long time before sampling took hold, Caroline had 4-track loops, proper innovation. A bit insecure, had to be in a band (natural for the period) to begin, but when she got on her own, I honestly think her material is up with the best classical musicians, with rock’n’roll - just listen.”- by Danny Ayers, Nocturnal Emission, husband of Caroline K. Limited to 300 copies in a 4-panel matte-laminated black & white Digipak.

Chöd ‎– Bardo Thodol 2CD (OCCD34)

The Tibetan word “Chöd” means “to cut off’ or “to slay”, represented in icons by the victory banner and ritual knife. In Chöd, an adept symbolically offers the flesh of their body in a form of a tantric feast. The skin of the practitioner’s body represents surface reality or maya: it is cut from bones, the true reality of the mindstream. The similarities between the Chöd ritual and the prototypical initiation of a shaman are obvious, although there is an essential difference between the two: the shaman’s initiation is involuntary, whilst a Chod(pa) chooses to undertake the ritual death of a Chod ceremony as a will. Traditionally, Chöd is regarded as challenging, potentially dangerous and inappropriate practice for meditating practitioners. An external Chöd is to wander in fearful places where there are deities and demons, whereas an internal Chöd offers one’s own body as food to the deities and demons: the Ultimate Chöd is to realize the true nature of the mind and cut through ignorance. Enter the charnel fields of the obscure monk of the Chöd project to witness the offering of a corpse to the vultures of the tradition that inspires terror. The object of ignorance, the root of samsara, which is holding the “I” as truly existent must be killed as the inner enemy, delusions, and the way of the dharma practice: to achieve liberation, ultimate happiness, cessation of all the sufferings, rebirth and death. Pure occult Evropean tradition in flesh and bones to hurt you. Filed alongside Zero Kama or Ain Soph. Raw, elemental, primordial 22 tracks / 100 minutes of the original ritual retrieved from 1996-1999 DAT-tapes. The layout is executed by Mauro Berchi (Eibon Records). A 300 2CD edition of Chöd’s legacy in a 4-panel matte-laminated Digipak.

Vladimir Hirsch – Scripta Soli CD (OCCD33)

Scripta Soli (“The writings of the earth”) is a thematic contemplation triggered by a great Czech artist in the form of a fictive experience during an apocalyptic war catastrophe, perceived by a person imprisoned in the bunker. Epically dramatized, it consists of 12 figurative parts to strip moral vacuum accumulated by memories, fears, visions and expectations of the inevitable, like echoes from the devastated core, sonically interpreted by the ground and aborted on the surface. Vladimir Hirsch offers expressionist sharpness and contrast to gouge out the focal sound from the background cacophonous substance to evoke stark and haunting imagery behind. Proving his expertise and repertoire he renders field recordings, electroacoustic and digital techniques through his typical metamorphic musicalization of primarily non-musical elements realizing the shrill, dynamic realities of the inner conflict: the titular sonic earth eventually turns into a grave. Limited to 300 copies in a full-colour matte-laminated Digipak.

Vidna Obmana – The Face That Must Die CD (OCCD32)

Vidna Obmana is a pseudonym used by Belgian artist Dirk Serries. He has been one of the most significant names in the ambient scene for more than three decades, releasing over more than 50 solo albums and numerous collaborations. Apart from his main ambient colleagues, Vidna Obmana originates from the industrial cassette network scene in early eighties. ‘The Face That Must Die’ was recorded when Vidna Obmana was slowly transforming into his trademark ambient signature. In-between the noise outbursts and his melancholic ambient music Vidna Obmana produced a few albums which are industrial-oriented but more of an orchestral and percussion nature, in the vein of Autopsia. With turntables, shortwave radio, voice and synths Vidna Obmana recorded one of his most underrated albums full of tribalesque, doom-risen and dark ambient atmosphere. Originally released in a limited run on Vidna Obmana’s own Mechanical Orchestration Music and almost around the same time issued by Trev Ward’s The Order Ov Wolves, who also narrates the opening track, this is verily an indisputable masterpiece accompanied with two rare 7” tracks and two unreleased tracks from the same obscure era to turn the edition into a true collector’s precious document. Limited to 300 copies in a 4-panel matte-laminated black & white Digipak.

Lasse Marhaug – White Inferno CD (co-released with Narcolepsia, narco076) (OCCD31)

During a hellish blizzard in the winter of 1996 Norwegian noise artist Lasse Marhaug locks himself up in his home studio in Trondheim and records the harshest noise of his life. Marhaug’s attempt to obliterate the arctic climate with total sonic destruction fails, but the recorded onslaught results in the “White Inferno” cassette, released on Macronympha’s Mother Savage Noise Productions label. The material reflects Marhaug’s modus operandi at the time: dense analogue tape overload, and could be seen as a more bloody-minded sister-release to his better known “Science Fiction Room Service” album of the same year. Fast forward 21 years and Ukrainian Old Captain Records ask Marhaug to dig out the original master tapes from his mouldy archives and remaster it for a CD release. In the process an obscure piece recorded at the same sessions surfaces, previously issued on an Ecuadorian compilation cassette, but included here as a bonus. So if you wanted to know what Norwegian noise music sounded like 20+ years ago, here it is: “White Inferno”, remastered from the original DAT-master tapes to maximum volume for a new generation of music fans to endure and enjoy. Co-produced with Portuguese finest label, Narcolepsia. 300 copies in a 6-panel Digipak.

Ebola Disco – Discography 1997-2017 CD (OCCD30)

The first CD collection of the true North Queensland Power Electronics project Ebola Disco that spans its 20-year history. Industrial Australia’s potent duo at their absolute best: static analogue tension, feedback squeals and pitched rhythm in studio-to-live-in-yer-face extravaganza. A 300 black/white matte-laminated Digipak edition with a great design by Mauro Berchi (Eibon Records).

Svartsinn – Collected Obscurities CD (co-released with Cyclic Law, 93rd Cycle) (OCCD29)

“Collected Obscurities” is a collection of tracks from various compilations and also gathers unique collaboration works with Northaunt, Allseits, Psychomanteum and Gydja. These were released between 2002 and 2012 and many have now been unavailable for a long time. Also included is an early alternate version of “September Dirge” from the “Elegies For The End” album. Obscure and oppressive is the world of Svartsinn, explore this special selection of some of the finest Dark Ambient soundscapes released in the past decade. Prosper In Darkness…Edition of 500 copies in a 4-panel clear spot UV on black Digipak. Co-released by Old Captain and Cyclic Law.

Abattoir & Satori – Aether CD (co-released with Malignant Records, TumorCD94) (OCCD28)

Old Captain (Ukraine) and Malignant Records (USA) offer a great collaboration of two famous musicians: Satori (UK) and Lorenzo Abattoir (Italy). “Aether” is the globe made of infinite tiny components: small cogs of shining gold, cobwebs of the finest platinum wires, balances and fulcrums made of wood and precious stones sprinkled like rose petals throughout; densely packed machinery regulating and controlling every small detail, creating cause and influencing effect. The sounds of chaos and order, ritual and redemption filled the sphere of the album like a mist, the Aether, hung over the surface accumulating sparks of fire and swirls of darkness underneath to roil and tumble like an approaching cataclysmic storm. Formed in 1982 and saturated in the industrial and power electronics culture Satori released music on the legendary Broken Flag and Tesco Org Germany in the ‘90’s, toured with Justin Mitchell (Cold Spring) and Neil Chaney (Pessary). “Aether” is its new statement of intent of the original member Dave Kirby. Lorenzo Abattoir is an Italian-based noise artist and sound engineer whose work takes shape in a context of underground extreme music to become accessible through various projects related to contemporary art including Psicopompo with German composer Hermann Kopp (4IB Records), Mare Di Dirac, an electro-acoustic collective (Dusktone Records) and a collaboration with Phurpa. A 300 b/w glossy Digipak edition with a great front cover by Seals of Blackening.

Merzbow – Hanakisasage CD (OCCD27)

A new album by Merzbow. The name “Hanakisasage” means very rare trees which exist only few in Japan. 2 tracks of noise ambient/rhythm recorded in Tokyo during 2014-2016 and musically follow in the tendency of his recent works like ‘Kakapo’. 55 minutes of pure untamed energy and sonic insight into Masami Akita’s world. A 300-CD edition in a glossy full-colour Digipak.

Kristian Olsson – Att Vara Där Jag Var Innan Jag Var Jag CD (OCCD26)

The much acclaimed and sold-out debut LP of Kristian Olsson (Alfarmania / B.O.T.C. / Survival Unit etc.) is now made available on compact disc through Old Captain. Originally released in 2010 on the Swedish label Nattmaran in a limited edition. “Att vara där jag var innan jag var jag” contains 10 tracks making for a neck-breaking journey down a rabbit hole paved with rusty metal, the only light coming from cobwebbed, broken lead glass windows. And just when you think you are about to land in a bone-infested, giant badger’s nest, the winding hole takes another turn, and you fall backwards down a chute filled with sharpened rods which have impaled all who have come this way; a never-ending fall into a bottomless pit of despair. The acoustics contained in the tracks are a bit clearer than Olsson’s trademark style, but expect nothing less than a relentless 43-minute gut-punch with an iron-clad skeleton fist. Inspired by drastic changes in the artist’s personal surroundings, the recording is an obituary of a special time in the annals of the Sundsvall catacombs which this artist has frequented for far longer than what the doctor ordered. Recordings were made with the expert operation of the usual electronic nightmare arsenal of the Styggelse satanic whore-lord, in addition to thighbone flutes, bowed cymbals, metal barrels, chains, whips, and just about every other abominable material or implement this filth-pig heathen could assemble from the recesses of his anti-human haunts. With the determination of a snake, the stealth of a panther and the grace of a one-legged terminal patient on an ether binge, Olsson crushes expectations and excels through outright excellence. Limited to 250 copies in a 4-panel matte-laminated black & white Digipak with limited edition of two postcards put into random packs.

Smell & Quim – Jesus Christ / The Jissom Killers 2CD (OCCD25)

Old Captain presents long sought-after two early vinyl only releases from the grand noise masters! Smell & Quim is a freeform improvised noise band. Their output has largely been concerned with diverse taboo topics such as fetishism, alcoholism, pornography and necrophilia and is of a nihilistic and absurd nature. Their rare live shows straddle the line between music and performance art, influenced and inseminated by performers such as Throbbing Gristle, Richard Youngs, Neil Campbell and Hugh Metcalfe. Professionally remastered from the original Ampex 456 reels recorded in 1990/1991 respectively, the current 2CD edition pays homage to one of the most bizarre and unconventional projects in the counterculture. 100 minutes of evocative dark industrial and lo-fi noise to those who love Jesus in Quim. Comes in a classical glossy white 6-panel Digisleeve preserving the provocative and disturbing pictures of the original vinyls released two decades ago via Tesco and Stinky Horse Fuck labels. Artwork by Marco (Wertham). Limited edition of 250 copies (with a 5-postcard set that comes with first 50 copies).

Claustrum – Funeral Fugues & Reminiscence † 1992-1997 CD (OCCD24)

Claustrum, the leading group of the industrial Latvian scene, offers a collection of their finest recordings from the early period between 1992-1997. A dismal, mournful and pensive retrospective glimpse into the distant past stirs the murky waters to reveal their evocative secrets full of grief and melancholy. Orchestral dark ambient and darkwave music true to the Nordic spirit from the Baltic wastelands. Limited to 250 copies in a matte-laminated Digipak.

Vhril – Vortex Psysynthesis CD (OCCD23)

In the name of Ulex, in loving memory of John, here comes Vhril! Vhril began life as Ulex Xane’s (Streicher, Zero Cabal fame) own solo project in 1991. He and John Murphy (rip) had been friends since the early 1980’s and had long wanted to do some duo recordings together contributing to each other’s projects on several occasions and playing live together. John became interested in the Vhril concept when Ulex had told him about its occult associations exploring Thulean esoteric paths and Vril energies in a ritual setting. Together they would record material during extended sessions/meditations and assemble it into specific tracks later: John often brought tapes of material he’d recorded elsewhere to be used as a basis to add other sounds in Ulex’s studio. Later on when John went up to Sydney again he took the Vhril idea with him and morphed it into his Shining Vril project (but that’s another story, folks). In the vein of Ain Soph or Zero Kama, the present “Vortex Psysynthesis” record, originally released via Zero Cabal in 1992 as a limited tape, commemorates the dawn of early sparse and minimal ritual style music, using John’s tapes, bells and percussion and Ulex’s field recordings, clay percussion and electronics. Enter the Janus’ psychedelic world of the two twisted minds to be immersed by ever-evolving Vhril sun that never rises. A 250-CD edition in a glossy full-colour Digipak.

Blood Ov Thee Christ ‎– Filthy Criminals CD (OCCD22)

Blood Ov Thee Christ, the first real power electronic project from Sweden, began in Norsborg, 1983 under name Sachsenhausen Industriale. The project had relocated to Sundsvall area and transformed into Blood Ov The Christ around 1985 - music group and mailorder company. It recorded infamous tape “Master Control” and performed with Club Moral, Memorandum and others. After some years of intense activity at the end of the 1980s, the project was laid to rest. In 2005, Blood Ov Thee Christ was resurrected after slumbering since decades. The founding father of BOTC, Harri Honkaniemi, who joined forces with Kristian Olsson (Alfarmania / Kommando RJF / Survival Unit), recorded their first output together, “Filthy Criminals / Hatemaster”. Just 10 years since, this is a cult classic! Reissue from original master tapes with new artwork by Kristian Olsson. A 250-CD edition in a matte-laminated black & white Digipak.

Pogrom – Father:Land CD (co-released with Terror, TR-36) (OCCD21)

Lithuanian finest power electronics project presents the most versatile and original recording to date “Father:Land”. Seven raw compositions, each varies in tone and industrial arrangement to raise the standards of the genre. A truly evocative and conspicuous masterpiece. A 300 CD edition in a glossy Digipak co-produced by Old Captain and Terror.

Inanna – Oeuvres Completes Tome I-XVI 2CD (OCCD20)

Old Captain is thrilled to announce the re-release of a ritual death ambient masterpiece: Inanna – Oeuvres Completes Tome I-XVI 2CD. Original non-mastered analogue recording dated 1992 (Sound Source cassette release). Mikael Stavöstrand’s grand project with all-time classics. A 200 2CD edition in a 4-panel glossy Digipak.

Autopsia – Metal CD (OCCD19)

Autopsia Archive Prague Vol.I. Divine violence, egalitarian terror, messianic moment, absolute negativity, revolutionary truth, future anterior: Autopsia’s quintessence of the last decades. Timeless classics. 200 CD edition in a 4 panel matte laminated Digipak.

Claustrum – Legion of Silence CD (OCCD18)

Claustrum are one of the pioneering acts from Rīga, Latvia and of the whole European industrial scene. Since 1992 they have been experimenting, breaking the barriers of styles of industrial and electronic music, crossing over from minimal / dark ambient to orchestral industrial / neoclassical and power electronics. In more than twenty years’ existence their creative work has chimed and still occasionally emerges electronic dark ambient, orchestral and martial industrial as well as rhythmic and radio noise evident on this debut, the 1st proper studio album of the project within 23 years. This is a monumental cultural marker of the new millennium. Edition of 300 copies in 4 panel Digipak with booklet.

First Human Ferro – Heterodox CD (OCCD17)

Old Captain’s owner, Olegh Kolyada, fights the sea and presents his Lost Generation victory in defeat. “Heterodox” is a dark ambient album born of the sound and the fury with heroes lonely and mad. A sparse, straightforward yet emotionally vigorous record with its own interior monologue, a discourse to be a silent interlocutor to. Restraining the interior the musician offers the nature symbolism via modular synthesizers and analogue junk approach to scatter one’s ego worldwide for good. Full of elemental primitiveness the heretic in his destructive folly challenges to claim a nihilistic vision of reality to engage the listener into an ever-present absurd. A 200-CD edition in a classical glossy Digipak co-produced by Old Captain and Gradual Hate Records.

Slogun – Tearing Up Your Plans CD (OCCD16)

Originally released over 15 years ago, “Tearing Up Your Plans” is a landmark release in the Slogun discography. Initially produced by the Armed and Loaded label (aka Sounds For Consciousness Rape) in 1999 in limited number with deluxe packaging, it is offered here as a four-panel Digipak CD with revised artwork. Old Captain is proud to revisit this full-length title with some of the strongest titles in the Slogun arsenal such as: “Scum Junkies”, “Slobland” and “You and I”. With the 20th anniversary of this American True Crime artist just around the corner, delve into some of the original material that set the Slogun path on its course through crime, self-loathing and the human animal’s worst traits. FTW

Die Weisse Rose – White Roses in Bloom in Kyiv CD (OCCD15)

As a part of ‘The Honour of Silence’ 2015 tour with Death in June, Die Weisse Rose performed a memorable ritual in Kyiv with an impressive line-up of Thomas Bøjden, Kim Larsen (Of The Wand & The Moon) and Gary Carey (Joy of Life). DWR’s classical tracks from the debut album were executed with a puissant vigour and true honour, while the final part interpreted a Ukrainian folk melody that became a lament song during Ukrainian Revolution of 2013-2014. “White Roses in Bloom” gives a perfect chance to listen to the project live when it is at its most potent and emotional artistic edge. A standard 200-CD edition in matte laminated Digipak. There is also a special edition with a T-Shirt and an artistic edition made by Thomas Bøjden.

Remete – Odabenn CD (OCCD14)

Janos Madura, a talented Hungarian artist, formerly known by his project Our God Weeps and albums on Hau Ruck and Ars Benevola Mater labels, presents his current incarnation as Remete, a hermit project of absolution. Dark ambient of the highest order co-mingled with powerful neo-classical and martial industrial elements in the vein of CMI projects impresses even die-hard ambient congregation. This is a ritual executed by a priest in the metaphysical ‘Odabenn’ sacrament. Music of hope and forgiveness in the dark ambient realm. Co-released by Ukrainian Old Captain and Argentinean Twilight Records labels in a run of 300 copies in a full-colour Digipak.

Alfarmania – At Ulleråker CD (OCCD13)

At Ulleråker, where the anguished shrieks echos inside the asylum walls until the lungs can scream no more from exhaustion. A cursed existence doomed to the hell of chronic care in containment and restraint. Restless days and sleepless nights, spent in dismal corridors and bleak day-rooms. Coffee, cigarettes, oatmeal and medication. All vestiges of your individuality washed away by time, leaving only an unfathomable cavity inside your institutionalized soul. Join the legions of faceless ghouls in slumbering stupor. Tormented by the demons of the mind, by the white-coated devils and their nurses. Controlled, studied, observed. Caged for your free will. The third eye nailed to the wall. Gazing into the nightmarish reflections in the mirror-shards of your shattered self. Falling backwards into the debacle of madness. Surrendering to the all-devouring flood of primordial fear. As you disappear into the depths and your ego disintegrates, finally submitting to the collective grey non-existence, Ulleråker drags you down into the black waters of its abysmal vortex. ”At Ulleråker” was originally released on tape by Styggelse in 2005, now released on CD by Old Captain. A concept release dealing with the personal and collective hell inside Swedish mental asylum Ulleråker. An early tapework by Alfarmania – a classic in the field of death industrial / power electronics. Accompanied here by ”Spännbädden”, a previously unreleased recording from 2006-2007. Comes packaged in a 4-panel Digipak with artwork and layout by Kristian Olsson. Edition of 200 copies.

Alfarmania – From Fix to Fix CD (OCCD12)

To satisfy our ever-present addiction to music raw, honest and in-yer-face Old Captain is privileged to release a remastered Alfarmania’s debut highlight “From Fix to Fix” CD. Originally produced by Proiekt Hat’s Hatband label as a limited and now sought-after cassette, Kristian Olsson’s initiation delivers a fix of high-caliber post industrial art into modern knock-kneed digital limbo. Keep reality left behind and enter the narcosis before the advent. The edition is 200 fixes in a 4-panel matte Digipak with stunning artistic collages.

Diutesc – Evilution Resurrected / Draconigena CD/DVD (OCCD11/OCDVD01)

An instantly sold out back in 2009 “Evilution” by Walter Adam von Dewitz, former Genocide Organ member (1989-1999), is being re-released via Old Captain. Rare original tracks recorded ‘live without audience and computers’, raw, minimal, non-mastered true old school death industrial and power electronics. Diutesc (from Old German “Deutsch”) is a solo project of a person known by his legendary past in the cult G.O. band and rare self-produced limited vinyl editions also released by Membrum Debile Propaganda and Xn Recordings. “Evilution Resurrected” comprises original tracks and never heard before rarities from the early period and the DVD of the live documentation. Comes in a 4-panel matte double Digipak with a new artwork and limited to 200 copies.

Streicher – Annihilism CD (OCCD10)

Old Captain is proud to offer a CD release of a true non-conformist artist - Ülex Xane and his vehement project Streicher. Streicher is one of the Industrial underground legends. Starting in Australia in the mid 80s with early projects such as Psy.Phalanx and Nife Junger, Ulex Xane began his Power Electronics/nOise project Streicher with a series of tape releases on his own label Zero Cabal. Originally inspired by his contact with Come Organisation (William Bennett of Whitehouse) and Broken Flag (Gary Mundy of Ramleh), Xane developed Streicher into his own unique style of Power Electronics, which came to be known as ‘Oi Noise’, extreme noise released mostly on cassette and distributed through the tape networks up to the early 90s which are now sought after collectors items. Streicher utilises a mix of total power noise with covert military recordings. A monument to futility, Streicher’s “Annihilism” recording is a stark comment on the current war without end. Recorded at Anal Ripper Studio in 1989-1991 and originally released by Zero Cabal in 1995. Old Captain’s 2015 special 20th Anniversary re-issue edition of 200 copies in 4 panel matte Digipak.

Cisfinitum – Industriewerke 2002-2012 CD (OCCD09)

Cisfinitum’s industrial works, compiled for the 1st time on one album, cover a period of 10 years and range from death industrial tracks to rhythmic electronica to analogue and modular synths to Bad Sectoresque ambiences with an unmistakable original touch of the talented Russian musician. Including the rare compositions from 7” Drone series as well as hard-to-find compilations by Der Angriff, Cold Lands, and Fear Drop and one exclusive track. Edition of 200 copies in matte laminated 4 panel b/w Digipak.

In Meditarivm – Drift in Sodom CD (OCCD08)

Archaic, elemental, sodomite and penitent epos with deep waves of subsonic bass sounds, soft tinkling bells and melancholic chants. Meditation music for the darker minds. Olegh Kolyada`s 1998-2008 Panoptikvm Series including the tracks originally released as “Mare Internum” EP by Drone Records as a part of 7” series. Edition of 200 copies in 4 panel Digipak.

Cisfinitum – O vs 0 CD (OCCD07)

The debut album by charismatic Eugeny Voronovsky and his enigmatic project Cisfinitum “0 vs 0” is re-released in a CD format after 15 years of its cryptic lurking in the dark. True minimal post industrial analogue sound. The first album recorded by Cisfinitum circa 1998 is a unique archival work from internationally renowned underground dark ambient composer from Russia. The lunatic and lo-fi album with a distinct industrial aftertaste. It is kept unremastered and its pristine condition hints at obvious hisses, noises, clicks, abrupt frequency amplifications and sporadic channel drops. Approach the record with caution, play it not loud to reveal its morbid charm which is extreme simplicity that hurts. For the lovers of Archon Satani and No Festival of Light. The CD comes in limited Digipak edition of 250 copies.

Cisfinitum & First Human Ferro – Alchemicals CD (OCCD06)

A new collaborative work by two modern alchemists, Eugene Voronovsky and Olegh Kolyada, is a transmutation of Saturn into Sol with the goal of attaining immortality. A cross-border of avant-garde jazz (featuring Sergei Letov, saxophone player) and dark ambient (Cisfinitum & First Human Ferro) reveals cryptic alchemical symbols, diagrams, and vocalisms (featuring James Thirlwell (of Foetus fame)) that contain multiple layers of meanings, allegories, and references to be laboriously decoded in order to discover true meaning hidden from its creators. A panacea “Alchemicals” is accompanied by a proto-scientific design of Andrey Bondarenko to enliven the content cornucopia. Edition of 300 copies in 4 panel Digipak.

Cisfinitum – Landschaft CD (OCCD05)

Cisfinitum is a post-industrial project from Moscow, Russia. It was started in the late 1990s by a composer and musician Eugene Voronovsky and has drawn significant attention as one of the most uncommon and distinctive on the experimental scene. The project’s trademark is an emotional sound that trespasses the boundaries of drone ambient and noise, using classical instruments and unconventional sounds, processed with analog and digital technologies. “Cisfinitum” is the sound of eternity and the music is ‘metaphysical ambient’”. ‘Landschaft’ is an epic work of deeply emotional / dramatic drones, which successfully combines electro-acoustic sources with a wide arsenal of Soviet analog effect processors. Originally released by Insofar Vapour Bulk / Grief Recordings labels, this absolute ambient classic is now available as a CD. Authentic recording of the original demo cd-r of 2000. A true artifact to conserve for the generations to come. Edition of 300 copies in 4 panel Digipak.


Old Captain is glad to celebrate WERTHAM’s 20th anniversary by releasing “Tell Me The Truth”, a collection of old releases and difficult-to-find tracks from the Italian Power Electronics project that made quite a name for itself thanks to a full-frontal approach that mixes multiple-layered sound structures with aggressive vocals, intense use of samples and uniquely-structured concepts. “Tell me the truth” focuses mostly on the first decade of WERTHAM’s recordings, including sold-out tapes, 7”s, contribution to splits, rare tracks from compilations, excerpt from early works and one unreleased song, for approximately one hour of sheer violence, rough sounds and uncompromising attitude, remastered by Monsieur Yvan Battaglia (LCHM). Gender wars, leatherboys, STDs, general socio-biology, frustrations of the modern 9-5 man, Insubria white trash mentality, stereotypes, nutritional disorders, self deprecation, glorification of decaying icons of a withering world are the main themes expressed mostly with minimal slogans. CD comes in an illustrated black and white 6-tray digipack featuring extensive text and detailed information.

Vestigial – Solar/Aeon CD (54th Cycle, OCCD03)

In collaboration with Canada’s Cyclic Law label, we present a special re-issue of VESTIGIAL’s two first EP’s, “Solar” and “Aeon”. The Italian project points to a dichotomous vestige of man’s biological evolution relating to the degeneration of civilization, where a society enslaved to progress can only lead to a completely meaningless existence. Vestigial’s first output was the “Aeon” EP released in 2007 and had caused quite a stir in the Dark Ambient scene on its release for the sheer power and craftsman’s shift it contained, where slow burning atmospheres are offset by the occasional harsh outbursts of noise and crackles and underpinned by heavily processed voices. The “Solar” EP was released in 2009 and presented a rawer vision of Vestigial where death industrial sonorities collide with intricate ambient passages. Both EPs are very impressive pieces of dark ambient and we are pleased to make them available once again. The release includes two additional tracks taken from the compilations the project participated in 2008 and 2011. Edition of 500 copies in an A5 Digipak.

Oda Relicta – Ukrainian Insurgent Army CD (OCS)

Oda Relicta’s “Ukrainian Insurgent Army” is a union of politics, religion, and music. The controversial agenda of the recording is exposed through 13 connoisseur compositions ranging from military marches to solemn chants to field recordings featured by a rank of artistic collaborations with While Angels Watch, Furvus, :Golgatha:, Dissonant Elephant, Lonsai Maikov, Gnomonclast, Luftwaffe, and Our God Weeps. A complex tapestry of church hymns and procession marches, Cossack patriotic chants and Legion of Ukrainian Sich Riflemen songs is the spirit of a true Ukrainian nationalist. There is no abuse of hackneyed documentaries or copycatting of profane neo-folk genre; instead, there is harmony, passion, and wisdom conserved in laconic sonorities. Triumphing over double standard European political correctness this milestone is released exclusively upon the 70th anniversary of the UIA, celebrated on the 14th of October, 2012. Edition of 200 copies in 4 panel Digipak.

Strops – Slepenie Rotaļlaukumi CD (OCCD02)

Contemporary corporative media have a tendency to arrest society’s attention and when it is captured - infect it. This is an ideal environment for cultivating phobias and panic, when the infected individual gets in contact with environment, which doesn’t correspond to the coded standards of security. STROPS is occupied with breaking these codes, using the unused arms of media arsenal for creating new space, where these arms are turned against their creators. ‘Slepenie Rotaļlaukumi’ is a 16-episode multiform debut from a famous Latvian industrial recruit. The record embraces both home listening and club-oriented material thus offering a polychrome sound spectre of cryo-ambient vibes with metallic percussion stings, harmonic key sections and rhythmic noise elements, all interlaced by lyrics of dramatic doom. Originally released as a CD-r by Sturm label in 2004, this magnum opus is now available for wider audiences via Old Captain CD production. Comes in a transparent DVD slimcase. Ltd. to 500.

Ostarbeiter – The Iron Era 2CD (OCCD01)

Ostarbeiter was a Death Industrial project of Olegh Kolyada (= the man behind Oda Relicta, First Human Ferro, In Meditarium), dating back to summer 1998. During 1999-2001 the band released several tapes & CDRs under different titles. The current 2CD edition is a collection of material recorded at the turn of the millennium. The industrialist document also includes four collaborations with Deutsch Nepal, Wertham, Isomer, and Streicher. Comes in a double DVD slimcase. 24 songs / 112 min. Limited to 300.